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  Industry Experience

We have provided reliable service to the following Industries for over 15 years:

Audio-Visual Equipment
When the show or conference is already underway, and an essential piece of equipment is needed.

Medical Deliveries
Our staff is very familiar with supporting paperwork that accompanies these sensitive deliveries.

Office, Restaurant, and Cleaning Supplies
Let us help you with your supply chain.  We can be your sole delivery source or just help you fill in the gaps. We can provide a skilled driver to handle a designated route either in your vehicle or ours.  We will collect c.od.s. and handle any returned freight from your customer.  We will also coordinate with your customer to handle your “after business hours” deliveries.

Mail Routes and Bulk Mail Deliveries
Swift can save you time and money by picking up (and delivering) your mail from (to) the post office each day.  We can provide mailroom services such as sorting the mail, delivering it throughout your organization, and scheduling and performing courier services as needed.  We are also experienced in handling bulk mail deliveries to the post office locally as well as out of town. 

Airport Deliveries
Our TSA trained drivers can retrieve your freight from the airport or put your freight on the next flight out. Our skilled customer service representatives will monitor the details of your delivery and verify that they are properly executed.

Other Shippers
We have been a 3rd party to various freight forwarders and overnight shippers.  Fed Ex, DHL, and UPS Custom Critical, trust Swift Delivery and Logistics to handle their freight. 

Trade Show/Exhibitions
Swift Delivery & Logistics will get your display materials to the convention site and assist with composing and decomposing the exhibit if requested.